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Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology



Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology is the first postgraduate programme in Hong Kong offered by Faculty of Medicine of a recognized University to enable graduates to be qualified speech therapists.

Programme Highlights:

* First speech-language pathology programme in Hong Kong offered by Faculty of Medicine
* Biennial intake to enhance students’ resources and learning
* Allows students to choose between a clinical research stream or clinical coursework stream
* Adopts a range of pedagogies including lectures, tutorials, e-learning platforms and clinical placements
* Utilizes objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) as part of clinical examination

Accreditation and Registration

Speech Therapist Profession under “The Accredited Registers Scheme for Healthcare Professions”

* 'Provisional Endorsement' by Hong Kong Institute of Speech Therapists, which is the highest endorsement level awarded for new speech therapy training programmes
* Graduates are eligible as members of Register of Speech Therapists accredited by Department of Health


Continuing Education Fund

* This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under Continuing Education Fund
  CEF Course code: 41M124834
  CEF Course Name: Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology
* This course is recognized under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level 6)
  QR Registration No.:17/001015/L6
  Registration Validity Period: 01/08/2018 To On-going


Graduates are expected to be qualified speech therapists meeting international standards.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will have attained the following learning outcomes:
* Acquired knowledge of normal and pathological processes of communication
* Be familiar with the core concepts in paediatric and adult communication disorders and possess the clinical skills to diagnose, intervene, and manage the disorders
* Acquired knowledge and clinical skills in managing patients with swallowing disorders
* Ability to employ analyses of language structures at different linguistic levels to devise clinical practices such as speech and language diagnosis and therapy
* Ability to apply, evaluate and design assistive technologies for speech and language disorders

Programme Mode

The programme is offered in full-time study mode which covers a normal period of two academic years.

Credit Unit Requirements for Graduation

Academic Year 2020-2022
Core courses: 51 Units
Elective courses: 6 Units

Course List

Academic Year 2020-2022
Core Courses
* SLPA5101 Professional Development and Ethics I 
* SLPA5102 Professional Development and Ethics II
* SLPA5103 Research Methodology and Evidence Based Appraisal for Speech Language Pathology
* SLPA5104 Test Development & Assessment Approaches 
* SLPA5105 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech, Language and Hearing
* SLPA5201 Fluency Disorders
* SLPA5202 Voice and Laryngeal Disorders
* SLPA5203 Acquired Neurogenic Communication Disorders
* SLPA5204 Multimodal Communication for Special Populations
* SLPA5205 Language Disorders from Infancy to Adolescence I
* SLPA5206 Language Disorders from Infancy to Adolescence II
* SLPA5207 Speech Sound Disorders
* SLPA5208 Craniofacial Anomalies
* SLPA5209 Audiological Evaluation and Aural Rehabilitation
* SLPA5210 Dysphagia
* SLPA5300 Introduction to Clinical Practice
* SLPA5301 Clinical Practice I
* SLPA5302 Clinical Practice II
* SLPA5303 Clinical Practice III
* SLPA5304 Clinical Practice IV
* SLPA5401 Phonetics and Phonology for Speech-Language-Pathology
* SLPA5402 Syntax and Semantics for Speech-Language-Pathology
* SLPA5403 Language Acquisition for Speech-Language-Pathology
* LING5103 Foundations in Language Acquisition
Elective Courses
* SLPA5501 Clinical Research I
* SLPA5502 Clinical Research II
* SLPA5601 Special Topics in Speech-Language-Pathology
* SLPA5602 Special Topics in Speech-Language-Pathology
* SLPA5603 Special Topics in Speech-Language-Pathology
* SLPA5604 Special Topics in Speech-Language-Pathology
* SLPA5605 Special Topics in Speech-Language-Pathology
* SLPA5606 Special Topics in Speech-Language-Pathology
* SLPA5607 Special Topics in Speech-Language-Pathology
* SLPA5608 Special Topics in Speech-Language-Pathology
* LING5403 Topics in Language Acquisition of Deaf Children
* LING5501 Topics in Chinese Phonetics and Phonology
* LING5502 Topics in Chinese Syntax and Semantics
* LING5503 Topics in Chinese Language Acquisition

Programme Director

Professor Kathy Lee Yuet Sheung
Associate Professor & Chief, Division of Speech Therapy
Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, CUHK
Honorary Speech Therapist, NTEC, Hospital Authority
Honorary Advisor, Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists
Professor Lee is the founder and the Chief of the Division of Speech Therapy in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. She leads her team in pioneering clinical research relating to speech pathology and communication sciences. She adopts a collaborative approach through multidisciplinary partnership with other faculties of CUHK, renowned overseas institutions and experts in the local community. Her research has been well recognized and successfully attracted major research grants .
Professor Lee is an experienced speech therapist in managing children with various communication and swallowing impairments. In addition to research and clinical work, she has also been giving lectures and workshops widely in educational settings and the community to foster language and speech facilitation skills for parents, professionals and students.

Teaching Format

* Lectures
* Tutorials
* E-learning platform
* Clinical Practicum


* Individual or group assignments
* Presentations
* Attendance
* Examination
* Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)

Tuition Fee

Academic Year 2022-2024: HK$ 450,000 (in 4 installments, thus HK$ 112,500 per term (Subject to University’s Approval)

Admission Requirements

Academic Qualification
Applicants shall have:
* graduated from a recognized university and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in any disciplines, normally with an honours not lower than Second Class; or
* graduated from an honours programme of a recognized university with a Bachelor’s degree in any disciplines, normally achieving an average grade of not lower than "B"; or
* completed a course of study in a tertiary educational institution and obtained professional or similar qualifications equivalent to an honours degree.
Those who expect to obtain a Bachelor's degree in the current academic year may also apply for admission.
English Language Proficiency
Please refer to the Graduate School’s website for details:
* Website:
* Section: “All students should fulfill the English Language Proficiency Requirement prescribed below before they are admitted”.
Chinese Language Proficiency
Applicants are expected to be proficient in Chinese (Cantonese or Putonghua) for communication purposes.
Applicants are normally required to attend an interview.

Application Procedures

Online Application via
Remarks: Application takes place biennially. Application for 2022 intake will be opened in late 2021.

Information Session

* Session 1

Date: 18 September 2021 (Sat)
Time: 2:00 p.m. - 5:00p.m.
Language: Cantonese and English
Venue: LT1, Mong Man Wai Bldg (MMW), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

* Session 2
  Date: 16 November 2021 (Tue)
Time: 7:00pm - 9:30 pm
Language: Cantonese and English
Venue: LT7, Lee Shau Kee Bldg (LSK), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
* Registration Link:


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