Academic Divisions


Rhinology deals with vast spectrum of diseases of the nose and nasal sinuses including allergies, bleeding, tumours, disorders of smell and infections. Diseases that affect the nose often affect vital surrounding structures such as the eyes and the brain. The nose is also used as a route to operate on the pituitary gland and so the sub-specialty overlaps with ophthalmology, neurosurgery and allergology.


The former Division of Otorhinolaryngology has been running annual international Rhinology workshops in Hong Kong and mainland China for many years. It has pioneered the use of minimally invasive techniques for sinus surgery in Asia, the use of image guidance systems and the epidemiology of nasal sinus tumours. Over the years, clinical trials and outcomes assessment as well as quality of life research in one of the most common ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) diseases, namely allergic rhinitis, have put the sub-specialty at The Chinese University of Hong Kong on the international map.